• 03/03/15 - New Post: Negative Interest Rates Return - Comments from Toron AMI’s Managing Partner, Arthur Heinmaa - Click here
  • 03/02/15 - New Commentary from Toron AMI - Falling Oil Prices: The Canadian Opportunity - Click here to read more
  • 02/24/15 - Pref Update: Weak Demand for TransCanada Issue - Click Here
  • 02/10/15 - New Fixed Income Commentary from Jeff Herold: The Game Changer - Click here to read more
  • 02/10/15 - Special Commentary from Baker Gilmore: The Bank of Canada's Surprise Rate Cut - Click here to read more
  • 02/09/15 - New U.S. Equity Commentary: Dividends: An important thing but not the only thing – click here
  • 02/02/15 - New Pref Share Commentary from Jeff Herold: January Correction May Yield Attractive Buying Opportunities - Read more here
  • 01/26/15 - Pref Update: Increasing concern about the lack of new issue supply - Click here
  • 01/23/15 - Pref Update: BMO sets redemption date rather than resetting rate - click here
  • 01/23/15 - Pref Update: TD Bank Minding Its P’s and Q’s - click here for our thoughts
  • 01/22/15 - New Commentary from Keith Graham and the Turtle Funds: Tailwinds & Headwinds: Markets in 2015 - Click here
  • 01/21/15 - Fixed Income Update: The Bank of Canada's rate cut surprised just about everyone. To read our manager's comments, click here
  • 01/20/15 - New Commentary from NexGen CIO Jeff Young - A Tale of Two Markets - click here
  • 01/20/15 - Pref Update: Investors continue to shift from fixed rate to floating rate preferred shares. Click here

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