• 07/18/14 - Pref Update: Canadian banks continue to redeem high reset spread preferred shares - click here
  • 07/16/14 - CIO Commentary: Read Jeff Young's comments on where we are 5 Years into the Recovery
  • 07/15/14 - New Equity Commentary: Galibier Capital is never short on stock opinions. Check out their Best & Worst Lists for Q2
  • 07/14/14 - New Corporate Bond Commentary: Baker Gilmore's thoughts on Rising Investor Complacency: Click Here
  • 07/11/14 - New Preferred Share Commentary: The J. Zechner Pref Team takes stock of the current market in "Avoid the Rush"
  • 07/10/14 - New Bond Commentary: Jeff Herold's latest thoughts on Hearing Through the Market Noise
  • 07/09/14 - Pref Update: Two new issues, Two very different market reactions - Enbridge & Partners Value Split Corp - Read our comments here
  • 07/01/14 - New Turtle Commentary: Keith Graham, a value investor to the core, talks opportunities in "Waiting on the Watchlist"
  • 06/24/14 - Pref Update: A look at Scotiabank Pref, BNS.PR.K - Illustrating the risks of redemption - click here to read more.
  • 06/19/14 - Pref Update: What to do with TD Preferreds being redeemed? See our update here
  • 06/06/14 - New Manager Commentaries: Our thoughts on FIXED INCOME, PREFERRED SHARES, and US EQUITIES
  • 06/02/14 - Pref Update: It was a very busy week in preferred shares, Click here to read our rundown.
  • 05/27/14 - NexGen announces changes, including mergers, to its mutual fund line-up - Click Here
  • 05/26/14 - Pref Update: Corporate issuers come to preferred share market - Read More Here

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Portfolio Manager Commentary

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